Surfing Sidewalks since 1976 I ® US Registration Number #4472939


In the 1970s, Banzai Inc. created a timeless design that forever holds its place in the history of skateboarding. A beautiful slalom skateboard made entirely from anodized aluminum. Almost indestructible, Banzai boards should withstand the elements of California’s coastal region, but also set new standards in the way skateboards look and perform. With their stunning colors and durable construction, they became an icon of their time.

Banzai skateboards have turned into collectible items, not only within the skateboard collector scene but also among people who are generally fascinated by clear and timeless product design. We’ve spent decades preserving one of the largest collections of original vintage Banzai boards. The more boards we gathered, the greater the urge to actually bring this classic icon back on the streets.

Our vision is to re-establish Banzai as an authentic skateboard, lifestyle and accessory brand for a global community of sophisticated design enthusiasts. The heritage of the brand, which is deeply rooted in the California skateboarding and surfing culture of the 1970s, has never been lost sight of. We have taken the original design and upgraded it with modern production techniques, high-quality materials and refined engineering to maximize the joy of surfing sidewalks.

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